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    6 Sep

    8pm − 12am


    Atelier central, Metzeschmelz, Esch-sur-Alzette/Schifflange, FerroForum

    Come and join us for the second edition of Feierôwend, a ball within the walls of a factory! In the first part of the evening, you will dance to Luciano Pagliarini’s live orchestra, and waltz and tango your way back to the fifties and sixties. The Loon Djs will take over after dark, for a retroplatinodisco set in the seventies and eighties. The nocturna feruginosa wouldn’t be complete without iron and fire demonstrations of the FerroForum team. After all, Feierôwend means “curfew”, but also “evening of fire”! Expect street food, craft beers, Luxembourgish wines and more.This evening is organized in hommage to the Grenz neighborhood, fondly remembered as the festive hotspot of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette in the decades after WWII. Feierôwend will bring to life the cultural, social and artistic life of factory workers, sheding light on less documented dimensions of the industrial past.


    Photograph: Feierôwend, 2023. Romain Girtgen.

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