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    About us

    Historesch Gesinn aims to be a bridge between historians and the public, communicating about the past in the present. Traditionally history is written by the elite, leaving out important insights about the everyday life and the perspective of minorities. Historesch Gesinn invites you to contribute to the ongoing historical research, and thus support researchers create a more complete image of the past.

    The Historesch Gesinn platform is a collaborative project with a constantly changing group of scholars and partners. Each research theme has an assigned researcher and will work together with institutions that are relevant to that research theme.

    The project is managed by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History at the University of Luxembourg. The first three years are funded by the PSP-Flagship grant of the Fonds National Recherche (FNR)

    Our team

    The Historesch Gesinn platform is maintained and managed by a small team at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History.

    Project manager Joƫlla van Donkersgoed

    Research assistant Cynthia Reuter

    Our partners

    We would love to hear your feedback, ideas or suggestions for future collaboration.