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    Polish sociabilities in Luxembourg in the twentieth century

    Polish migration to Luxembourg was steady yet not massive, impacting various economic sectors but leaving minimal archival traces. This project invites descendants to share memorabilia and memories, enriching Luxembourg’s historical narrative.

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    Postdoktorand Estelle Bunout

    Supervisor Denis Scuto



    April 2024 – October 2026

    Polish sociabilities in Luxembourg are deeply entwined with local social dynamics. This wider historical lens allows us to move beyond mere administrative interactions upon arrival, uncovering the durability and impact of social connections formed by Polish migrants throughout the 20th century. This research interrogates Polish presence and connections within the Great Region, examining the role of Polish organisations and individual participation in local societal frameworks. 

    We turn to the descendants of Polish migrants and the newer Polonia  in Luxembourg and invite you to share your experiences. By doing so, you will help shed light on the sociabilities and contributions of Polish migrants across decades. This isn’t just about recording history—it’s about contributing to understanding your role in Luxembourg’s evolving story.

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    Your input is important to us because it will help to show a personal perspective about the past. Your contribution is valuable information to ongoing historical research in Luxembourg.