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    8 Jun - 9 Jun

    Urban History Festival

    2628 Bouneweg-Süd, Luxembourg, Bonnevoie-Kiosk

    This year will be the third edition of the Urban History Festival organized by the Luxembourg City Museum. The aim of the festival is to make people curious about the history of their city. The festival hosts many activities, including guided tours, art installations, exhibitions, workshops, and performances.

    Each edition is held in a different part of the city, this time it will be in Bonnevoie. This neighborhood has a rich working-class history in connection with the railway and cultural and sports initiatives such as the “Gym”, which is the oldest sports club in the city. Today this neighborhood is characterized by its multicultural population, and we are looking forward to presenting a diverse array of voices and stories about its past and present.

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    Your input is important to us because it will help to show a personal perspective about the past. Your contribution is valuable information to ongoing historical research in Luxembourg.